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Dear friends,

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and in preparation for Pesach, we'd like to share our actions in support of small businesses and our community.


  • We are temporarily adjusting all advertising rates to allow businesses to get the much-needed exposure in this critical time leading up to Pesach. We would like to offer you half price on all new ads running in the next 3 weeks.

    Click here for adjusted price list.


  • In addition to our regular content, the Crown Edition Magazine will be published in an expanded format featuring even more content for kids, the Shabbos table, and more inspirational columns in light of this special time.

We thank you for your support and your loyalty and will continue to keep you updated if anything changes throughout this evolving time.

May Hashem protect us all and send a Refuah Shleima to those in need.

With best wishes for Besorot Tovot and prayer for the ultimate redemption.

The Crown Edition

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